Hefty | Party Hard Moms
In 2015, we launched a campaign to show how Hefty's new crack-resistant cup can withstand even the hardest of partying. In fact, the cups are so sturdy that they allowed these suburban moms to unleash their inner party animals. The campaign took off and was featured as Adweek's "Ad of the Day" and also mentioned on Huffington Post, Fortune, Fast Company, Creativity Online and many more. The spots gained over a million views in just one week and have racked up over 97 million views to date.

Mashie Best Product Launch
IAC Best Consumer Goods Social Media Campaign
IAC Outstanding Online Video
Webby Advertising & Media - Digital Campaigns
Shorty Award Finalist in Best Use of Humor
Shorty Award Party Hard Moms: Finalist in Best Use of Video
Shorty Award Finalist in Food and Beverage
Fab Award Silver in Online Advertising
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